Tigerwood Compared to Cedar and Teak

Tigerwood looks amazing and will last longer than cedar and teak.

Tigerwood looks amazing and will last longer than cedar and teak.

You have just decided to build a new deck. You begin researching all of the decking materials out there, and you may be surprised the market has grown significantly over the past 15-20 years. Materials that were once desirable such as cedar and teak, are beginning to show up on the bottom of the list. There are, however, consumers that swear by these materials, but we have a better option for you. Tigerwood decking looks stunning, lasts longer, and requires less maintenance than other traditional decking options and even new plastic composite materials.

Cedar has been a go to material for years and years. This type of decking material requires a significant amount of maintenance if you wish to keep the color and try to obtain as many years out of your deck as possible. Proper drainage is crucial to ensure the decking dries out properly. With no substantial water resistant qualities, cedar decking can retain moisture. This leaves the decking susceptible to mold, decay, and rot. This can lead to you replacing board constantly, or possibly replacing your entire deck.

Teak has been at the top of the decking food chain for many years. It has become a gold standard amongst many homeowners and contractors. Unfortunately many consumers are not aware that there are actually materials out there that are that are stronger and more reliable than teak. Don’t get me wrong, teak is a strong material, but what if I told you there was another material that was even stronger, more resistant to water, and wont be susceptible to termite attacks.

Tigerwood decking is the new teak decking. This material has gorgeous orange hues with definitive black and dark brown strips, hence the name “Tigerwood.” This material 60% harder than teak, and has a bending strength that is 40% more than teak. Teak is also prone to staining, while Tigerwood hold natural stain resistant qualities.

Overall, it’s fairly obvious what the better choice is for your new deck! Cedar is soft and vulnerable to load of issues. Teak may seem like it’s the better choice, but you see it’s strength, bending resistance, and lack of stain resistance is no match against Tigerwood. So go ahead, treat yourself to a gorgeous exotic hardwood deck that won’t let you down.


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