Tigerwood Siding Options

Tigerwoood SIding give your home a warm and inviting appearance that excels in any climate.

Tigerwoood Siding gives your home a warm and inviting appearance that excels in any climate.

You love the warm luxurious appearance of Tigerwood decking, but you would like to make a bigger statement with your purchase than just installing a Tigerwood deck. We have you covered with our Tigerwood Shiplap and Rainscreen siding profiles. Both of our siding profiles are low-maintenance options that still remain mold, fungus, and termite resistant.

The shiplap siding profile is designed so that the boards on top overlaps the board underneath. This creates a smooth surface, and well as providing excellent water resistance. This profile requires surface screws, but when paired with tapered Tigerwood plugs, leaves you with a seamless appearance.

The Rainscreen profile was designed to use fewer fastening points, therefore further reducing the points for water intrusion. When installed correctly using the hidden siding fasteners system from Deckwise™, there are fewer points of water intrusion. This means the properly installed system will allow the siding to dry out evenly, and increase the life of your exterior.

Investing in Tigerwood Shiplap or Rainscreen siding for your home, not only looks great, but will give you lasting results, all while outperforming softer woods and artificial siding options.


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