Decking Designs to Think About: Herringbone

The Herringbone design will stop your guests in their tracks at your next party!

The Herringbone design will stop your guests in their tracks at your next party!

You’re ready to switch things up with your new Tigerwood deck. Parallel decking isn’t cutting it for you, and a single diagonal pattern isn’t complex enough for your taste. The herringbone pattern is quite possibly my favorite design, and with a little extra work, it can be your new favorite design as well.

It is extremely important to check your local building code before installation, and to obtain all permits needed. If you are unsure about decking installations, contact a local licensed contractor.

The herringbone design is a zig zag design where the boards meet, and instead of them meeting at an angle, the board’s flat ends meet creating a more jagged design. Herringbone is named after the actual resemblance to herring bones.

This type of installation requires a precise 45° junction. Grab some scrap wood and practice this angle several times before you begin with your decking materials. Once you get your technique down, the actual cutting for the installation won’t be as intimidating.

This pattern also requires the joist spacing to be closer together at 12” on center. In diagonal decking design this measurement is the diagonal distance between each span, not the perpendicular distance. A double joist is needed where the board ends meet; this provides an added fastening surface as well as extra support for your deck boards

It may be a little overwhelming to tackle on a new deck design, but next time you have a party on your deck your guests will be floored at how gorgeous your Tigerwood deck is.


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