Decking Designs to Think About: Basket Weave

This pattern is a great way to achieve a deck tile look, but on a joist system.

This pattern is a great way to achieve a deck tile look  on a joist system.

Your deck is simply and extra room in your home. It’s an outdoor space you can go to unwind from a long day of work and just enjoy being outdoors. Deck tiles have becoming increasingly popular over the years, and you love the look, but you can’t install deck tiles on an elevated joist system.  Today is your lucky day because I have a pattern that will match your wants and needs.

Before you begin, it is extremely important to check your local building code before installation, and obtain all permits needed for a deck installation. If you are unsure about decking installations, contact a local licensed contractor.

A Basket Weave design is exactly what you need to make your deck look like it was constructed out of deck tiles. Depending on the sizes you want these “deck tiles” to be, will depend on the costs of the overall project.

Shorter deck boards are going to be touching each other at multiple points across the entire span of your deck; this means you’ll have to install double joists throughout your entire joist system. The longer you want your boards to be, the more joists you will have to install.  You will also need to block the joists. This will give you some extra fastening surface, as well as extra support for your basket weave design.

Repeat alternating “squares” until you have the desired look. Measure, measure, measure! This is the best way to ensure that you can place an even number of planks on your deck so it looks seamless and well planned, rather than an afterthought.

When you’re finished sit back, have a glass of iced tea, and take it all in. Your new Tigerwood Deck looks absolutely amazing.


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