Deck Safety: Check Your Stairs!

Stairways can be easily overlooked, but they need attention just as much as your decking.

Stairways can be easily overlooked, but they need just as much attention as your decking.

During the summer, you’re going to spend a lot of time outside. This is why now is the best time to check your decking and stairs. After you’ve checked for loose/corroded fasteners and split/decayed wood, be sure to inspect your stairs.

If you’re unsure about the safety and stability of your deck and/or stairs, DO NOT WALK ON IT! Contact a local licensed contractor familiar with this type of installation.

As mentioned before, checking for loose and corroded fasteners is necessary to make sure your deck is safe, but don’t forget your stairs! Replace any corroded fasteners, and use stainless steel replacements. Tighten any loose fasteners. If you see that any part of your decking is held together with just nails, replace them immediately with the proper fastener. Do not set foot on your deck until you’ve completed your inspection.

Shaky or deteriorated railings are dangerous. If you find your stairway has railings that are insecure or decaying, it’s crucial to replace them immediately.

If the stringers and risers are not in superior shape, they need to be replaced. Check your measurements as well. If your stairs are open in the back, most local building codes require the distance between each stair to not exceed 4”, and standard stair runs are 11”.

It’s also advised not to leave anything on the stairs that could pose a tripping hazard, such as potted plants or children’s toys.

Checking for issues now will save you from potential accidents, and will leave you with a carefree and safe summer!


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