Is Tigerwood The Right Decking For Your Outdoor Project?

One of the most appealing things about Tigerwood is its unique appearance. The boards have some of the most striking color patterns thanks their rich, vibrant, light-brown to orange hue coupled with the dark streaks that run their length. Some trees will feature more of these dark striations than others, but nevertheless they’ll be present. To achieve the most cohesive and appealing look with Tigerwood in your outdoor project, you must do so appropriately and with consideration to the other woods and hues within your deck and surrounding structures.

Mixing and matching the boards can either blend the Tigerwood for a more “low key look” or can be used to highlight and make Tigerwood the main focal point. Using Tigerwood as the only wood in your deck will especially allow it to stand-out if you have a solid color in the exterior of your home or pergola. A Tigerwood deck will blend effortlessly if your siding is clear-coated or has light-brown paint.

Another way to allow the Tigerwood to stand-out is to use it to frame a deck. This is especially appealing, and allows the Tigerwood to truly be the star, if your deck is made with a darker wood like Ipe. However, framing can also be used to create a beautiful look with a less dramatic contrast if your deck is made of a lighter exotic wood such as Cumaru or Garapa.

Finally, if you’re aiming to make the exterior of your house really eye-catching, cover your home’s entire exterior in Tigerwood! You’ll be almost guaranteed to have the most exotic looking house in your neighborhood. If, on the other hand, you simply want to use it as accents, try of using it for window framing or soffits.


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