Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD™

hidden deck fasteners
Construct a Tigerwood Deck with a safe & beautiful surface

Ipe Clip®

IPE CLIP® EXTREME KD™ Fastener Kit - These Fasteners come with stainless steel washers molded inside for increased holding power. Designed specifically for kiln dried decking, such as Tigerwood Decking.
COMPONENTS: (175) IPE CLIP® EXTEME KD™ Hidden Deck Fasteners,(190), Stainless Steel Screws, (12) 3/8" Tapered Ipe Plugs, (1) 1/8" High Speed Drill Bit, (1) Screw Gun Driver Bit, (3) 1/4" Spacer Tools, (1) Instruction Sheet

Approximate coverage for one box of Ipe Clip® fasteners

  Width of Deck Boards
Joist Spacing 3½″ 5½″
24" 87 ft² 87 ft²
16" 87 ft² 87 ft²
12" 87 ft² 87 ft²

Ipe Clip® Fastener Color Choices:

ExtremeKD: $119.00 per box

Tigerwood Installed with Ipe Clip® Fasteners

tigerwood decking closeup
Example of pregrooved Tigerwood decking with a Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD™.
tigerwood decking
Assembled Tigerwood deck boards with Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD™ hidden deck fastener system.

Advantages Over Other Hidden Fastener Methods

Color: Available in “Ipe Brown”, “Patina Grey” or “Shadowline Black” to match the desired look of your Ipe or composite deck.

Shape: Due to its size and shape, Ipe Clip® fasteners speed installation and eases installation problems associated with other hidden fastener methods. The smaller shape allows for approx. 1” of tolerance in the positioning of the slots cut by a biscuit jointer. Other hidden fastener methods do not allow for any tolerance in the cutting of the biscuit slots, which complicates and slows installation.

Bits: Unlike other fastening systems, each box of Ipe Clip® fasteners contains a pre-drill bit and a torx drive screw gun tip needed for installation. (Complete Kit ONLY)

Strength: Ipe Clip® fasteners are manufactured from a UV Resistant High Strength material, giving Ipe Clip® fasteners up to three times the strength of other fastening methods. By using our high strength material, Ipe Clip® fasteners have increased holding power, and help prevent screw heads from being overdriven, as can be a problem with other lesser quality fasteners.

Coverage For IPE CLIP® EXTREME KD™ Fastener Systems
Board Type/Spacing Complete Kit
sq. ft. coverage
100 Count Kit.
sq. ft. coverage
5-1/2” Boards w/24” Joist Spacing 175 100
5-1/2” Boards w/16” Joist Spacing 100 57
3-1/2” Boards w/24” Joist Spacing 87 50
3-1/2” Boards w/16” Joist Spacing 63 36
**coverage is approximate**
deck fasteners
Tigerwood Decking being installed with Ipe Clip® ExtremeKD™ fasteners
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